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[info_list style=”circle with_bg” icon_bg_color=”#8224e3″ icon_color=”#ffffff” font_size_icon=”24″ connector_color=”#8224e3″ connector_animation=”fadeInUp”][info_list_item list_title=”20% Discount On All Tickets & Readings” list_icon=”Defaults-ticket”]All members receive an automatically applied 20% discount on all events and private readings on my website and mobile app.[/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title=”Access to member only events & readings” list_icon=”Defaults-calendar”]A very special part of my members area will be exclusive members private reading days and events. Whether those events are live video or in person members will get exclusive access. All VIP tickets for my events will exclusively be available for members for 2 weeks before public launch.[/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title=”Exclusive access to posts on a range of subjects” list_icon=”Defaults-newspaper-o”]Access to a range of articles written by Paula and lifestyle gurus on a range of topics that relate to our members including up to date on current events and news.[/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title=”Access to POBcasts ” list_icon=”icomoon-font-awesome-14×14-podcast”]Something we are all very excited about. POBcasts is Paula Obrien’s very own podcast station which you can access through the website and Apple & Google Podcasts on your phone or tablet.

With a committed 4 shows a week and additional shows with guests and covering up to date topics our content will be constantly updated and relevant.[/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title=”Lifestyle Support & Guidance ” list_icon=”Defaults-heart”]Paula has always been a firm believer in giving her fans more than a reading. Paula and her team work hard on giving her fans material to help them through difficult times and make the most of happy times.[/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title=”Live Video & Streaming” list_icon=”Defaults-video-camera”]Exclusive live shows? Exclusive live readings and members interaction? Yes they are all part of Paula’s membership area with emails and notifications sent out of the content.[/info_list_item][/info_list]