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Crystal Hearts

Opalite Heart – Opal – £15.00
Flourite Heart (green) – £25.00
Rose Quartz Heart – Pink – £20.00

Hematite (Black) – £26.50
Sodalite (Blue) – £27.00



The Opalite crystal in these hearts is excellent quality. A hand carved crystal heart ideal for holding. Even though these hearts are hand carved, they are of very consistent size and quality.

Opalite is a simulated man-made crystal that originates in Asia. Opalite is a very gentle and delicate stone. Holding a piece of opalite, or having it somewhere nearby, can remind us of the need to slow down, both our thoughts and pace of life, and to gain stabilisation. Its calming air makes it a useful stone to have around if you’re in an environment where tempers flare, or somewhere where life or work can be stressful. 

Opalite is also often used in conjunction with meditation or healing. In particular, it’s a useful tool for enhancing the abilities of the crown chakra, removing blocks and stagnant energy, and opening up a clearer psychic vision.


Fluorite is highly protective, useful for grounding and working with spiritual energy. Fluorite increases intuitive abilities, and makes you more psychically aware , and helps develop a connection to Spirit. It’s fabulous to bring stability to your thinking as it heightens mental abilities ~  and can bring mental clarity and stability to an otherwise chaotic situation. It absorbs negative energies from the environment and from yourself and is effective in Chakra cleansing. Fluorite can also shield the user from psychic manipulation. Fluorite should be cleaned often.


The  stone of love.

Hold in your hand and manifest the love of your dreams !!   

Helps restore trust and harmony in relationships, encourages unconditional love, healing and inner peace.Helps to dispel negativity and protects against outside influences. Helps with forgiveness.Strengthens and balances the physical heart attracting new love in your life.

Helps circulatory system,very beneficial for pregnant women. Rose Quartz has the power to help with fertility and to protect both mother and babies. Lovely for children also


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Crystal Hearts

Fluorite, Hematite (Black), Opalite (Opal), Rose Quartz, Sodalite (Blue), Flourite (green)