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Selenite Sphere



These spheres are polished selenite with a smooth feel. Each sphere is unique in its translucence and internal structure. A clear plastic stand is included.


Most crystal spheres (such as quartz) are machine polished. These selenite spheres are hand polished. For most crystals that are quite hard and have a constant grain, machine polishing produces good results. However for selenite, which is a soft crystal, and also has grains that can change direction, machining spheres is just not possible to do consistently well.


This means that the selenite spheres we sell, will not, when examined very closely, be 100% spherical mathematically speaking, although to the naked eye it is very hard to tell.


But you are getting the care and attention of a craftsperson, and spheres that have a great polish.


Beautiful to have around your home to enhance energy and recharge 


Can be used for scrying!

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