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Tumblestone Crystal – Malacholla


This is an extremely powerful stone .A very important protection stone, It absorbs negative energy picking it up from the body. It should be cleansed before & After this regularly .This stone clears & activates the chakras and helps with spiritual guidance. It activates psychic visions. It also opens the heart to love. It has been called the Midwife Stone. It encourages the expression of feelings, alleviating shyness, It supports friendships and empathy for other people. It can be very helpful in dealing with all kinds of cancers. Helps stimulate the immune system

♥ Menstrual Issues ♥ Blood Pressure ♥ Asthma ♥ Tumours ♥ Pancreas & Spleen ♥ Depression ♥ Liver ♥ Anxiety ♥ Vertigo/D

Place on your Solar plexus to absorb negative emotions . Position as appropriate for healing. Hold in your left hand to help heal. Place around computers to draw off the negative. Place on your third eye to help with Spiritual work.

Heart , Throat

Scorpio ,Libra, Capricorn ,Taurus

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