White Sage and Rosemary Stick 10 CM


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White Sage and Rosemary Stick 10cm





White sage is Good for all round cleansing and purifying the space. An ideal one for smudging after you’ve had guests ! 

If you’re struggling with your emotions . Had an illness recently .

When you come back from a holiday . If you feel heavy in your mind 

If there has been great sadness it helps to lift up the vibration 

Rosemary is excellent for Rosemary is known to relieve stress and instil a sense of peace. It can also remove negative energies from a space which makes it a wonderful smudging herb.

This herb is known to strengthen memory and can help you to achieve a higher level of consciousness so it is the perfect herb to burn prior to meditation or any magical work.

The intense scent of rosemary is thought to be a ‘cognitive stimulant’ which means it can help to lift your mood and boost alertness


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