Special 10 Year Anniversary Limited Paula O’Brien Private Zoom Readings 23rd of October 2023

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10 Year Anniversary ~
Zoom Readings 23rd of October 2023


Please note times are based on British Standard Time.

We must stress that for the best possible results make sure you are in a quiet environment during your reading and ensure that when using Zoom you have tested to ensure both your microphone and camera are enabled. 

To Celebrate 10 years of touring as Paula Obrien Psychic Medium we have decided to launch several very special Zoom private reading days. These are ssions of 30 mins each and can be for yourself & up to 2 guests .

Before I began touring I used to do readings from my homeoffice and these were back then £60 so these very special days will be to celebrate with me my 10 year anniversary.  

These are strictly only one per house hold/person. 

We really hope that both you and your loved ones in heaven love this next journey with us as much as we will enjoy it !! 

These are brought to you by Paula in the exact same way it would be as if it were face to face . The connection is just as strong and in some cases more so , as you may very well be at home during one of these sessions and your loved one will know that space!

During some of the most amazing readings via zoom , Paula has been able to validate so much from the other side, often pointing out something that is out of camera reach, but something so special that only your loved one in heaven would know!

They are relaxed and informal but incredibly empowering and comforting.  Paula’s amazing gift literally comes to life when she connects to your ‘Someone Special ‘ And the messages just flow ….often followed by the tears.

During one of these sessions we allow you to invite one additional guest to attend with you either on the same device or at their own location using the Zoom link.

Your session CAN be recorded although we ask that you do not share these recordings on any social media or allow anyone else to either.


In order to keep Paula’s appointments running smoothly and to allow it to be the special experience that we intend for it to be, we have a really strict set of rules below that MUST be adhered to :
– You must be signed in and ready to go 10 minutes before the appointment time. Any testing of your microphone and camera must be done ahead of time. 
– You MUST be in a quiet and private environment for the appointment to go ahead, Paula will not undergo the appointment if you are sitting in a public place/ noisy environment/ outside 
No children should be present at this session 
– Paula must have a clear and unobstructed view of you on camera during the appointment, not using a handheld device (use a stable device on a surface in front of you) 
– Please make sure you are familiar with how the Zoom appointment will work, have Zoom downloaded on to you device and ready to go!
– Before the session ensure that your device is fully charged and the signal is good. (Paula will not be held responsible if the signal does not allow the reading to take place in a manner that flows.) 

Paula’s energy has to be respected when you book this session and she will be ready but if you’re not it just creates problems .  Moving rooms / not knowing what your doing / speaker/ camera audio problems are not Paula’s issue and again MUST be tested before the session.

Although the rules above sound really stringent they are imperative in order for the appointment to run smoothly and allow your loved ones the calm environment to speak to Paula. If these instructions are not followed and the appointment is unable to proceed an alternative/refund will NOT be offered.


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