Named the ‘People’s Angel’ By her Fans

This name was given to Paula by a very special lady (You know who you are Mrs W!) and it stuck. Paula’s fans now refer to her by this name and it has become a popular tag line.

Paula is a mum to 4 children, a wife and a psychic medium. She discovered that she had something special around the age of 2 and developed from there. She is able to see, hear and feel spirit and has an incredible knack of knowing everything about people she helps, this allows her to give people a much needed boost in their own world. The messages that Paula can pass on from your loved ones in spirit can be truly amazing and to be honest it even still surprises her! Paula is known to become very emotional during the sessions and can really feel every thing spirit are trying to say to you. It is so important to get the feeling of that person and convey that to you in any kind of reading, it is not just about their name or a date it is about getting them, capturing their personality. Paula has wonderful guides that work with her in spirit, her brothers Mike and Keith and parents Sam & Trev and with Paula every night when she walks on stage! Feeling safe in their hands and trusting them 100%, allows Paula to give the outstanding and accurate messages she is known for.

Life has its ups and downs for everyone, including Paula. One thing is for sure, Paula wouldn’t be doing what she is doing today if it wasn’t for the fans coming along to her shows and showing constant messages of support. We are always looking to give back to our fans and our online members area gives us the opportunity to do so. There you will find in depth information about all aspects of psychic mediumship, as well as invitations to special events, forums and member’s only discounts. We hope that you will join us there and on our social media channels to keep connected in between Paula’s memorable live events.

We cant wait to keep touring and meet new people in new places. We hope you enjoy exploring Paula’s website. Go and have a look at Paula’s app on the Android & Apple Marketplace