Named The ‘People’s Angel’ By Her Fans

Hi, I’m Paula Obrien Psychic Medium, Wife, Mum, Nana and Psychic Medium.


 It would seem I was born this way. I sell out events all over the UK, where I take to the stage in my wonderful interactive shows and give validation from your loved ones in heaven, giving private readings and messages to help people along their journey of life, death and grief. 

I am very lucky to have been gifted this way of communicating with your loved ones in spirit since the very early ages of two. But I still believe I have so much left to learn. I am constantly left in true wonderment as I give a message with a different way of looking at things, or learn a new skill that your loved one has gifted me. 


I have encountered so many wonderful people both here and upstairs (as I call heaven) and I suppose of the decades I have been doing this I have picked up a thing or two about living and ultimately crossing over and certainly more than a thing or two on how NOT to grieve and peoples own interpretations of what a journey of grief looks like.


I do all of this with the help of my wonderful guides, my brothers Mike & Keith, I will refer to these guys often through my work as without them, I am not me. 


Come and see for yourself and experience the wonder of what it’s like to talk to those in heaven. Book a Private Reading or join me at an event, I can’t wait to see you there! 



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