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Paula is truly humbled by the support she receives from her fans and members of the audience. Thank you to all.

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Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
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 by Janet Watkins
Christmas Day Zoom Meeting

Paula, Thank you so much for the meeting. You are truly amazing and put my mind at peace. You spoke to me of things that only myself and my daughter spoke of during her illness. And your link to my family now passed is incredible. Knowing that they have my Sharon in their embrace and they are watching over me helps me. I am patiently waiting for your Tour in England, so that l can book to see you again. Many thanks and blessings Paula ❤❤❤❤

 by Maggie Watson

Thank you so much for my reading Paula.You are a beautiful soul with an amazing gift.I so needed to hear what you told me today.Thank you for your words of wisdom also.Love,light and Peace.

 by Louise

Saw Paula in Edinburgh last night. Absolutely blown away with how exact her details were. There was fun, laughter, sadness & tears and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. My friend got a message so we came away happy. It was amazing to sit in the room and just listen and be blown away with her ‘talent’ I’d definitely go back and maybe even pluck up the courage to have a private reading. Thank you for a wonderful night. Ps. I done the same as yih throughput lockdown 🤣

 by lorraine daniels

Thank you so much for giving myself some closure and peace of mind about my Aunt Lynn's passing. I would very much have loved to say good-bye to her and go to her funeral but family circumstances were not right.
Although I said I didn't like myself I meant I never feel good enough for anyone and it always surprised and still surprises me when people accept me, or are friends with me.
I found the night enlightening , sad, humerous and honestly refreshing.
You are a lovely lady and I hope I get the chance to meet you again
Thank you
As you did with me I send you love and good wishes

 by Kimberly Knight-Font
Angel sent from Heaven

I have no clue where to begin... Paula was sent to me Oct 2008 actually found surprisingly in a little town in Scotland.. I had just gotten off the plane from Florida and all american girl, lost at 34 about to have a beautiful baby boy. Clueless to what was in store in my life, I had a reading with Paula she gave so much light on my life and guidance.. Now it is 2021 ... I lost my dad Oct 2020 and my Husband Jan 2021 and Paula has been my piece of heaven her words her way have given me light in the situation... I am back in the states have been since June 2009. The connection she has given me to my love ones is beyond words. All thought the hurt is there from losing them and the daily emotionally roller coasters are there. I get more peace and she helps me fill my heart with joy to look up to the next day. Paula, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart .. For sharing your amazing gift with me. With Love Always Kim xoxoxox

 by Donna

I had the pleasure of a zoom call with Paula last night . My mum came through and Paula told me things that no one has ever known. I laughed and cried but i was left with a peaceful feeling. I rtink now i can start the process of healing myself. Paula was open and very honest and says it to you straight. This was the best reading i have ever had and cant thank Paula enough. Highly recommended ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

 by Linda Winstone

I had a zoom reading with Paula today which went better than I could have hoped for. Paula gave me the lift that needed. Her validations were spot on. Thank you one very happy customer x

 by Sheila Gibson
Angel on earth

Paula is a beautiful person inside and out. I have had the pleasure of her bringing my mam through to me and my daughters without any shadow of a doubt. I have seen her live but feel she has helped bring us through this last terrible year of the pandemic. She could have sat back and got through it with her family but she chose to help us through it and we got the chance to meet her gorgeous family and share her special events as well as her own upsets which I hoped we helped her with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will be a follower and a supporter always. PS Tell that dad of mine who left us to join mam this last year to stop partying up there and come and visit haha !! xx

 by Phebe

I loved the spell event. It was interactive and I learnt a lot. Paula, I planted the seeds as instructed and they have started growing.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

 by Louise Moran

Paula gave me a reading re my mum who sadly passed away very recently. I’d been unable to rest, desperate to contact her. Paula put me at ease very quickly. She gave me what I needed some much needed time to make contact with my mum. I only wish I’d booked a longer slot as the time flew by and I’m sure there’s much more we could have spoken about if we had the time. Thank you Paula I can’t begin to tell you what it’s meant to me.

 by Nicola Keith

Paula was doing virtual lives on Facebook and I was lucky enough to be picked out having my partner with her telling me intimate reasons behind his passing and touched on things that were spine chilling. The accuracy of private things made me cry.. a lot! But I’d like to thank Paula, as this was so very raw and she made me feel a lot better about the devastation of losing my partner. So I thank you and God bless you.
Mmwha Nicola

 by Peter brittain

Had a thirty minute reading via Skype awesome cheered me up brought my friend and her child into it. Paula truly is an absolute amazing woman who has such a gift definitely will get another reading soon

 by margaret grant
28 aug

thank you paula for tonight , first time on zoom , thanks also to all was in room with us feeling bit better , just miss my family , feel theres more in heaven than here noWadays

loved hearing ur stories and readings , makes us all feel better and tonight explaining what it,s like was great knowing our loved ones are ok big ty xx

 by Logan Blair
Very good

I really really liked it, it made me feel so good.

 by Kerry Rennie
Amazing reading

We had a zoom family reading Paula was spine chillingly a curate and this cheered us all up so much . A reading with so many laughs and heartfelt moments ,Paula was accurate with information of relationships and names and we were as a family in aw of her talent and would love another one in the future .
We would recommend Paula more than five stars a warm and kind woman who delivers messages in the most comforting way .
Paula many thanks from my heart to yours lots of love to your team .

 by Stewart Sear
Converting the unsure

Well that was an interesting evening, having been cajoled into taking part in my first ever Zoom session only then being selected by Paula, as she had confirmation that my estranged mother [due to a family rift decades ago] had passed over,
Paula has such a way of comforting everyone that she speaks with, it is truly amazing to see, she most definitely has some magic, if ever anyone was unsure it was me but Paula said things that no-one would have known, she really is an angel bridging the divide, you truly are a lovely person, Thank You Paula XX

 by Isobel
May 14th zoom

Thank you Paula for your kindness, compassion, empathy and laughter. Your messages last night were both sad and funny. My grandparents meant so much to me growing up and still do. I think of them everyday. You offer peace and understanding. Again thank you. I love these zoom sessions so friendly and intimate. Just like having a friendly chatty evening with friends. X

 by Tracy-Anne
Angel Worshop, Dunfermline, Fife

Well I’ve spent my Sunday spending it with some very special people & I met a few people that I didn’t really know before now we have crossed each other’s path for some reason & I can honestly say that I am glad I met two beautiful souls Lyn Sutherland & Pamela Cunningham whilst spending the day with Team POB, Paula O’Brien & Jess Clark at the new Angel Workshop they are trialling & I think everyone there could quite possibly have been one of the best days of our lives in one way or another, best part is All if it & getting to spend a whole day with ?? & ??cub ?

It was a very different type of meeting today than the normal Events Paula puts on but it certainly helped me in learning a bit more about ‘energies’ around us but it was fantastic.
I would highly recommend, if you are able & can afford the ticket to go and see it all first hand for yourselves.


 by Elaine

it was clear that for the people who received messages The information was pretty spot on -remarkable really . I do think though that if you don’t get a message you’d be as well watching something like this on tv . You’re going to have to spend £30 to find out if you’ll be one of the few . A private session would probably be more of my thing . Paula obviously has a gift and if you get a message it would be worth your money but if not then as I say it’s like watching an expensive tv show . My three stars are not for Paulas ability - but more for the lack of personal interaction - having said that it’s a show and if you’re looking to watch others get messages and can enjoy that then you’ll feel
It’s money well spent

 by Linda McWilliam
Zoom Event

Took part in zoom event Thursday 7th May although I never got a reading just listening to other people’s stories was interesting, especially the girl at the end who had lost her sister to a stroke then her sister’s partner committed suicide and she has taken on the kids , what an amazing brave lady. Enjoyed the show very much was good being in the comfort of your own home too. ❤️?

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