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Paula is truly humbled by the support she receives from her fans and members of the audience. Thank you to all.

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Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
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by Logan Blair on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
Very good

I really really liked it, it made me feel so good.

by Kerry Rennie on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
Amazing reading

We had a zoom family reading Paula was spine chillingly a curate and this cheered us all up so much . A reading with so many laughs and heartfelt moments ,Paula was accurate with information of relationships and names and we were as a family in aw of her talent and would love another one in the future .
We would recommend Paula more than five stars a warm and kind woman who delivers messages in the most comforting way .
Paula many thanks from my heart to yours lots of love to your team .

by Stewart Sear on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
Converting the unsure

Well that was an interesting evening, having been cajoled into taking part in my first ever Zoom session only then being selected by Paula, as she had confirmation that my estranged mother [due to a family rift decades ago] had passed over,
Paula has such a way of comforting everyone that she speaks with, it is truly amazing to see, she most definitely has some magic, if ever anyone was unsure it was me but Paula said things that no-one would have known, she really is an angel bridging the divide, you truly are a lovely person, Thank You Paula XX

by Isobel on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
May 14th zoom

Thank you Paula for your kindness, compassion, empathy and laughter. Your messages last night were both sad and funny. My grandparents meant so much to me growing up and still do. I think of them everyday. You offer peace and understanding. Again thank you. I love these zoom sessions so friendly and intimate. Just like having a friendly chatty evening with friends. X

by Tracy-Anne on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
Angel Worshop, Dunfermline, Fife

Well I’ve spent my Sunday spending it with some very special people & I met a few people that I didn’t really know before now we have crossed each other’s path for some reason & I can honestly say that I am glad I met two beautiful souls Lyn Sutherland & Pamela Cunningham whilst spending the day with Team POB, Paula O’Brien & Jess Clark at the new Angel Workshop they are trialling & I think everyone there could quite possibly have been one of the best days of our lives in one way or another, best part is All if it & getting to spend a whole day with 😇🐻 & 😇🐻cub 🥰

It was a very different type of meeting today than the normal Events Paula puts on but it certainly helped me in learning a bit more about ‘energies’ around us but it was fantastic.
I would highly recommend, if you are able & can afford the ticket to go and see it all first hand for yourselves.


by Elaine on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

it was clear that for the people who received messages The information was pretty spot on -remarkable really . I do think though that if you don’t get a message you’d be as well watching something like this on tv . You’re going to have to spend £30 to find out if you’ll be one of the few . A private session would probably be more of my thing . Paula obviously has a gift and if you get a message it would be worth your money but if not then as I say it’s like watching an expensive tv show . My three stars are not for Paulas ability - but more for the lack of personal interaction - having said that it’s a show and if you’re looking to watch others get messages and can enjoy that then you’ll feel
It’s money well spent

by Linda McWilliam on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
Zoom Event

Took part in zoom event Thursday 7th May although I never got a reading just listening to other people’s stories was interesting, especially the girl at the end who had lost her sister to a stroke then her sister’s partner committed suicide and she has taken on the kids , what an amazing brave lady. Enjoyed the show very much was good being in the comfort of your own home too. ❤️🦋

by Caroline Best- McLennan on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

On Zoom on the 7thMay 2020. My dad came through with a lovely message , everything Paula said was correct, was so lovely to hear from him & my mum as well, i miss them so much but now know they have never left me, & know i can speak with them at any time. Thank you Paula.

by Elizabeth dunsmore on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

The show has been brillant not had a reading yet but love the shows

by Maryann macleod on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

Hi.. This was my first time at paulas live zoom and i thought it was absoultly fantastic ngt ,
The comfort paula brings to many is just amazing ....... And i luv paulas banter .😂😂
I have not been well for few weeks but watching zoom last ngt made my ngt so much better, i never got any guideance from spirits last ngt but hopefully will soon am gonna keep watching your live events ....thanks again paula , and to your fab office staff for organising the zoom xx 🌈🌞

by Caroline on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

Live on zoom, paula brought my mum & dad through, dad gave me a lovely message of hope & a message for my brother, paula said they dressed up ,as they would if they were here with us today. Paula said my fathers surname & knew he was a war hero. My heros my mum & dad. Thank you Paula.

by Carla Home on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

Every time I see Paula she amazes me more and more with her talent, humour and ability to make you feel at ease. Her recent Zoom shows in the light of COVID-19 have been just as excellent as her live shows, and provide a great opportunity to hear her interact with a small and intimate group.

by Laura Paton on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

I have followed Paula, for a few years now and been to a few shows, during lockdown she has been doing zoom events instead, I used this opertunity to buy a ticket as i can't always make the live shows, when she comes! Well it was amazing if not better, you are in your own environment which i think makes you more comfortable! Even if you don't get a reading I always get comfort from hearing everyone elses. Thank you for my reading! You are truely talented and I'm forever grateful! Lx

by Sarah Richardson on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

I went to Paula’s show tonight really not knowing what to expect but it was fantastic and I will be returning next year in the hope that one of my family come through as it was so amazing for the people tonight thank you for opening my eyes 💜💜💜💜

by Kim on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

I've been to every reading on The Isle of Wight and can't wait for the 11th of March, Paula you are an amazing lady, heres hoping my nan come through whom I lost at the end of Jan.
So many emotions.
See you soon xx

by Veronica on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
Dad came through

I had a private reading with Paula in Edinburgh on the 15 january which was amazing.
I can not thank you enough Paula my dad came through and has my little dog with him who recently passed on it gave me great comfort to know they are together.
Everything you told me was so true about my dad and i am so happy he is with me all the time.
My friend also had a private reading with you the same day she was so happy her dad came through to he had recently passed on and she got great comfort from her reading
So thank you so much.

by Katrina on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

I really enjoyed my night i was glad to have my mum come through also walk in the door with me . Even listening to others one message you did that went to someone I knew was spot on as well as my own and I will be having another thank you Paula your amazing

by Elise Cozens on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
North Queensferry 5/9/2019

Wow! I had my uncle and also the lady I called my mum. I was so wanting Sylvia to come through as I have missed her so much!. She told me I’ve to get a specific health problem that needs dealt with and Paula was spot on what it was and there’s no way she could have known! I got nagged by Sylvia to do as I’m told (as she always done in life to me!) and stop saying I’m fine to everyone when I’m clearly not!
Paula makes you at ease and her small audience makes it feel more personal. I’ve booked for my friend and I to attend her workshop on the 27th October in Dunfermline so should be a really good day. All I can say now is Paula you floored us last night in a good way xxx

by Marie on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
Son came through

Ive had a few great messages from beyond
Paula has been spot on each time definitely well worth going too
Will be there in November all being well xx

by Josie winks on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

Was lucky enough to get a message tonight from my husband everything that Paula told me was so true , she is an amazing lady so funny at times and that puts everybody at ease .There were a lot of unanswered questions and Paula gave me peace to know the answers .Thank you Paula .xx

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