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Paula is truly humbled by the support she receives from her fans and members of the audience. Thank you to all.

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Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
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 by Jane

Another fabulous night seeing Paula in Nottingham loved listening to peoples readings, already booked for next year .

 by Litizia Patterson
What a moving night

A first time going to see Paula tonight in the Village hotel Glasgow, I was moved by all the readings for a lucky few in the audience, Paula is so good and brings a lot of comfort to everyone grieving. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to receive a reading tonight but would definitely recommend anyone thinking about going to go and see Paula. I have already booked 3 more tickets for the westerwood hotel night in September for myself and 2 daughters

 by Adele

Just home from attending the Aberdeen show. First time seeing Paula.
I wasn’t lucky enough to receive a reading but it didn’t matter, still had a fab night. It was a privilege to hear about others. Through the tears, I did so much laughing. Paula has a very special talent and I would recommend anyone to go see her.

 by Pauline Hazelton
Emotional Experience

I was at the Redhurst tonight (13th Dec). I found the night to be very, very emotional because three of the people in the audience whose loved ones came through, really needed those messages and words of comfort, especially the grandmother of the very young lad who’d died of an overdose.

You gave those people so much to hold onto and it was a privilege to witness .Thank you Paula x

 by Denise Laird
6th of February 2024

Thank you paula a true star

 by Julia Slider
Park Hotel Kilmarnock

Wow! 🤩 I was so desperate to get my dad through & Paula didn’t disappoint, so accurate about my mum who we’d just had a dementia diagnosis on. I was so upset, Paula hugged me as if she knew I needed it. I’m so grateful, thank you 😍😍

 by Ian Tonks
Private meeting

It’s taken me a few days to process the feelings and emotions following my private meeting. It’s true to say that I’m a believer following a few other meetings over the years. I now know I left the best till last. I was in tears within 2 minutes. My late wife came through so clearly. The things Paula said to me were just spot on. There were facts about the days prior to my wife’s passing that nobody on this earth knew . I was simply blown away how Paula communicated with me and my daughter. Thank you for a life changing 30 minutes. Such a comfort to know that the pain has stopped and my wife was sorry how her passing was handled by the hospital , we had no time to say good bye. But now we have.
Thank you Paula from the bottom of my heart. I will see you again I sure . Folks if you get a chance and you have questions then book a private session with the amazing Paula O’Brien.. Xx

 by Kelly Gillies
Absolutely phenomenal

Jist back from the Airdrie show tonight and what a show. While i wasng lucky enough to have someone come through someone else in the party's wife/mum came through and it was really nice feeling like you were part of everones story. If you are unsure please take a chance and go paulas show is a mix of phsycic and comedy and what a show she puts on and is really funny. Will definitely be booking a private reading and will be back at the luve showw we laughed, we cried and we all let feeling a lot better than when we

 by Karen

🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇 so funny , what a story , if you haven’t been to see Paula it’s a must , there’s sad and funny , Paula is so good at what she does , thank you for another outstanding show

 by Lindsay
Simply the best

Absolutely love Paula,Her events,private zooms or group zooms are Absolutely amazing.Everything paula has ever said to me has always been spot on or has happened.10yrs i first went to a event and over the years ive had so much guidance,comfort and strength,courage for me to carry on and to face some of the darkest,hardest times of my life.She has told me things begore they happened so that gave me so much courage to face the hurdles.But most importantly she has brought me my angels.So i now they are healing,at peace,but most importantly knowing my bestie and her son are bck together and that all my angels are together and always guiding me throughout the good or bad times.Such a special lady who has helped so many of us through our grief&daily hurdles.And only one i trust&use.Tjank you paula(keith,mike)for all you do as you really are a very talented&special lady.Also extremely kind,funny and so much love for us all.Thank you also to the team they are amazing and so helpful xxxx

 by Tracy
Unreal special lady..

If i could id give 10 stars..paula is incredible the only lady i fully trust she knows so much an its all bang on..the comfort an joy she brings is second to none..if ure thinking your unsure please dont paula is just so nice an puts everyone at ease..thanks again for an amazing night..xx

 by Sarah Green
So true

Brilliant night tonight in Stoke. So touching, so really, but Paula you made me laugh. I love your events, this was my third one. You brought my grandson, Noah, through on our first event in 2019 and it meant the world to me and to see and hear those you have brought through loved ones, including a cat, it is such a special thing * to see. Thank you Paula xx

 by Chlor

My gran had such a heartfelt,Emotional reading from Paula yesterday! I was amazing for him to come through as he never ever believed in any of this, it was very comforting to know he’s watching us and Paula did disclose that myself and partners were trying for a baby and my grandad knew about this and he was happy and excited that it was going to happen for us! She knew things no one would know and the overall experience was mind blowing and absolutely amazing! I might be returning in April and we’ll see if “baby boy” is with me by then!

 by Emma

Wow, that was mind blowing, it gave such comfort in knowing that our loved ones are still with us. And the amazing gift you have to connect with them.
Would love to have a private reading done. As that experience was so powerful and emotional aswell.
Got my tickets for next year as this is just such an amazing event.
Thanks Emma jersey.

 by Samantha baker
Show hull

Was my first ever time at a reading never believed it untill I come to your show I was amazed in how u presented the spirits and your communication was outstanding thank u for a great night see u at your next show ????

 by George nixon
Derry show

What a great show at everglades Hotel tonight have went to a couple of your shows and you don't disappoint god bless you paula ????

 by Jimmy Johnson

A truly memorable experience. My private reading then witnessing the Mareel show certainly sorted out this old sceptic! One of the most incredible turning points in my life was listening to Paula. Things can be so different from now on, I now have a greater framework to help make that happen. There is hope out there for us all, I truly didn’t think could ever exist for me. Thank you so much Paula for your kindness, for your very wise and sobering words of encouragement, for giving me this remarkable insight of hope. xx

 by Doreen Holden
Broughton hotel

First psychic meeting tonight and was blown away Paula is such a kind and caring person and very genuine ,very accurate in her readings ,i left feeling i had made a very new special friend .Thankyou Paula for your reading for me and my daughter and for the lovely bracelett you gave me from my husband i will treasure it always ????

 by Christine anslow

I attended paulas phychic night today 27/6/23 wat a brilliant night i and my froend had paula is down to earth bit also a fantastic meduim i cant wait till next yr to see her again i love her events she shows so much emotion wen the loved ones comes through u can actually feel her pain she feels Paula i hope u nnever give up wat ur doing ur the best

 by Vicky

I went to see Paula in New Lanark last night and it was wonderful night that brought comfort to many. While I didn't receive a message personally, I could see the joy that the message given to others brought and also the peace for many who were struggling. Paula delivers the message with such care and respect and is a wonderful lady.

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