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Paula is truly humbled by the support she receives from her fans and members of the audience. Thank you to all.

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by Connie Sims on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
Show at Rothes Halls Glenrothes

I didn’t get a message myself but watched as others received from Paula the most wonderful communication with their loved ones. Paula was so kind and funny too... I had a great night

This woman is remarkable. A gift from god.

Paula is a gift from god, she connected me to my brother and is a wonderful person. It is always a pleasure to see her.

by Tania Angell on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
So accurate and timely

Neither my brother or I were going to attend until I contacted him the morning of the event to persuade him to come.We lost both our parents over a year ago but it was our sisters ex husband who brought them through. The family joke about our mono rows came through As well as dates and names of people. Reassurances that everything we had done for them was spot on and gown peoud they were of how far we’d W soles since their deaths. Paula was accurate about my brother being known as a second name and that the second name was the same as John which is our fathers name. My ex brother in law said the name of their baby who is also with him.Margaret is my middle name. I am named after my mother’s mother. Paula said Margaret.Both my brother and myself have needed support and time to heal. This marks the end of a cycle of desperate healing and questions that needed answering. Categorically.We are so so grateful for paula who also took time after the show to give us further comfort. She knows what we have been through and just having that validation will help us move forward. This is the beginning.

by Barbara Barnes on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

First time I have ever been to a psychic show. My sister came through for me. Paula was very accurate with her information. I’m a convert.

Irvine September 25th

Myself and my daughter were at your evening and I was lucky enough to have my baby son come through to me . I. Truly believe that it was real. I have been in tormoul through out my life because I had a premonition that he was not for this life . That I think I told you about. I was at a psychic night about 20 years ago and he came through them but I was not ready to believe in it all i it my premonition down to the baby blues as the Matron of the hospital told me . Thankyou I hope to be able to get a one to one with you when you are in Ayr the 17 th of January xx


as always paula was brillant funny and compassionate during all the readings.have seen her meet with out loved ones on many ocassions. cant wait till shes back in greenock. keep up the wondeful gift u share with us all. both u and jess rlooking fab💖⭐👍

by Deborah senior on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

Thank you so so much for bringing my dad through Bless him Dad only passed away 3 weeks ago. You was spot on with everything you told me. Thank you so much. You have given me great peace. . Thank you xx

by Ann-Marie Moore on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

As ever a fabulous evening cannot wait for Paula to come back to the Liverpool area.


reading last night got contact from my mad dog who passed in friday and Paula was spot on and then my mum this lady is so talented and hilariously funny and says it how it is x a fantastic experience shame the audience was so boring although not everyone a high percentage bit I loved it x

Private Reading

My husband and I had a private reading with Paula on Tuesday evening I have been trying to think of what to say as I feel there are no words to describe what Paula gave us. I can’t thank you enough Paula you are a wonderful person and we feel blessed that we saw you.We thank you from the bottom of our hearts💓 Sandra and David x🌈

by Patricia Smith on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
Up close and personal

I wish to thank you for the fabulous evening on the 16/08/2018 in Hamilton. My friends and I were impressed how down to earth you were. You quickly made people comfortable and at ease. Your reading for myself was remarkably accurate. I will follow your advice and seek medical attention. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I saw u in exeter devon such an amazing evening u brought my baby grandaughter through the evidence u gave was spot on will definitely be coming to see u again

by donna collinson on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

Saw you in Hull. Fantastic evening. No reading for me but the messages for others was really emotional..Booked to see you again in Bridlington.see you soon

Hiya i saw u on monday night at burnside hotel but i felt it wasnt just has sad has last year when i saw u for the 1st time then at the end when the wee baby came through that got me crying so sad but i had a good night n will seeing u next time ur in burnside hotel n hopeful i might get someone throught u never know x ps loved when the guy got up to sit with u n he couldnt make u out so funny x

by traci yates on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

my daughter have seen paula on several occasions she is amazing she is warm &funny, her personality lights up the room . her readings are always spot on . even if you dont get a message from your passed love ones it is a wonderful evening being a part of the addience enjoying listening to others messages . but be warned u mush go armed with a packet of tissues . looking forward to cardiff in november

by Lynn salkeld on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

Hi Paula I was at your show in Newton Mearns last night (28th may) it was absolutely amazing! As always you were spot on! I was sitting in the front row with my friend (male) 😂😂 I have booked tickets for myself and 3 others for November and so can,t wait to see you again...could I ask do you do a private reading before hand or can I book for another night for a private reading and do I pay when I book or pay on the night ? Look forward to hearing from you....Much love to you all...x ❤

by Kayleigh Bell on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
Treuly amazing

Was at Paula’s show in the Everglades hotel the other night it was turely an amazing experience the hole night to hear all the readings everyone got and get to laugh, cry and just have an over all amazing time. I can’t not put into words how much Paula’s message from heaven has put my mind at ease and will also stay in my heart forever. It was my first time at one of Paula’s events and I already have tickets booked for next years event of course. Just also want to say Paula is an amazing person she just has this vibe where you feel like you’ve known her she’s so down to earth and so kind hearted it’s amazing. Highly recommend

by Susan Donaghey-Bell on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
You have a convert

Was at Paula's show at the Everglades with my daughter and had an amazing experience. She is such a genuine person and I couldn't believe some of the things she said. It was truly awesome . I now believe!

by Carol Power on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
Everglades Derry

Was at Paula’s show at the Everglades in Derry on May 15th * ,It was a brilliant show I would recommend it to everyone great night......

by Dawn Parkinson on Paula Obrien Psychic Medium

Brilliant private reading with Paula, she is an amazing lady with an amazing talent. Our reading was so spot on telling us details no one outside our family could pissibly know. So lovely to hear from a loved one for the first time. Can't thank you enough Paula, see you next time you are in Stoke on Trent xx

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