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Paula is truly humbled by the support she receives from her fans and members of the audience. Thank you to all.

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Paula Obrien Psychic Medium
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 by Suzanne
Clydebank 2022

Really enjoyed this show and was very fortunate to have received a message. Paula has such a nice way of passing on messages from loved ones. It’s actually amazing. Everyone that received messages seemed to be really touched and it was a very emotional night, but with some laughs too. She brings comfort to a lot of people.

 by Linda
Outstanding Performance in Hull

First live show I have been to and won’t be the last, I was blown away. Paula has such a fantastic personality, and a beautiful soul. The children coming through was so delicately dealt with and the lady whose dad came through with the bridge headstone brought tears to my eyes.

 by Rachael
Hull Show

Paula, where do I start?!
I attended your show last night in Hull and I can honestly say I was left speechless! You are such an inspirational woman who instantly warms up a room with your beautiful energy. I honestly was not expecting a loved one to come through last night, but I was your first. I cried my eyes out as you were correct about everything, you have no idea how much peace you have brought me and how much of a good night sleep I had last night! To know the loved one is ok and is not at peace and more importantly didn't feel any pain is so reassuring.
You brought so much laughter, emotion and love to the room last night and the other readings you provided to the room were out of this world!
Once again thank you so so so much for letting me be part of this amazing experience and I hand on heart have not stopped speaking about it and will 100% be booking again next year!
Thank you <3

 by Stacey Hewitson
York show

Wow,wow,wow. What a fantastic show, came with my sisters to watch, we didn’t personally get anyone come through but for those that did was amazing to watch. Lots of tears and laughter especially on behalf of the “ginger bloke”. Will definitely be booking again.

 by Lesley Clark
Thank You

Was at the Aberdeen show last night. Whilst we did not personally get any messages from loved ones you truly are an amazing lady. I had my daughters with me. For my youngest it was her first time attending such an event. You made it fun and really helped her to relax. Thank you once again for a great evening and hopefully you didnt have crazy Mary with you all night.

 by Nikki

I can’t express how much last night at the Kirkcaldy event has helped me …thank you Paula for allowing our family to be blessed with not 1 but 2 readings..your an outstanding ,amazing and very gifted woman! For the first time in months I have had a warmth and peace in my heart that I cannot explain! An angel on earth is what you are…much love from all the Allan family❤️❤️

 by Gillian Lilley
Absolutely fantastic

Was at the Marriott tonight for one of Paula’s shows, was fortunate enough to be given a reading and was delighted that my dad came through for me . Was laughing one minute, crying at others stories the next but definitely came away with a spring in my step. Great night, can’t wait until the next time!

 by Kym Brosnan
Nothing medium about Paula, she should be called a phenomenal

I've never been to see a spirit medium before and didn't really know what to expect, but Paula had me in tears with laughter and with emotions for the people who had messages come through. From the moment Paula stepped into the room I knew I was in for something special, because there was no pretence or bells and whistles, just a warm feeling of pure joy and peace.
Although I didn't get any messages through for me, I was amazed at how accurate Paula was for the ones who did and how beautifully presented it was and how compassionately handled it was.
I can't wait for Paula to come back to Inverness. I'm glad she was my first medium.

 by Sharon
Something special

 This was my first time seeing Paula - I really enjoyed it - Paula has a great sense of humour and is extremely funny. Although I may have been out laughed over in the corner when she called me out - oh yes she did she called me out so much so i faced the corner!! - backstory to the laughing episode:, my aunt and I kept kicking over our drinks -there must have been a loved one close by us causing such a thing .

I loved the heartfelt readings i felt the young girls strong love for her best friend and the aunt whose niece had died suddenly and her other niece in a crash some years later…. Paula is genuinely upset by some of the people’s stories and then there was the pearl harbour readings…. Awesome and looking forward to seeing her in Feb 2023

 by Maureen Thomson
Just thankyou

Hi paula i am so grateful 🙏 that you were able to give my boy and myself huge comfort tonight. My boy lost his little baby in sep and is expecting again. You gave him huge comfort. You also gave me comfort i came away tonight with a huge weight lifted tonight. Your are a 🌟. Thankyou so m

uch for being the kind person that you are xx ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

 by Chloe Holmes
Floor show

I attended your Motherwell show last night with my mum, you were amazing! So amazing that I booked your Cumbernauld show tonight with my husband! He didn't believe me when I told him how talented you were. He saw for himself tonight! He came tonight as a non believer and left a believer! Your a beautiful soul inside and out! We never got any readings either nights but it didn't matter, you brought so much joy and peace to others! Lots of love 💕

 by Shirley stenhouse

I was at musselburgh today. Although paula never came to us to give a message tonight, it was a lovely evening and I was touched with the message she got from lilly. Glad you are dancing in heaven xxx

 by Sandra Webb
Beautiful Soul

No words Paula...Just 'The Dogs Bollox' You're one of lifes Beautiful Souls xxx

 by Janet Watkins
Christmas Day Zoom Meeting

Paula, Thank you so much for the meeting. You are truly amazing and put my mind at peace. You spoke to me of things that only myself and my daughter spoke of during her illness. And your link to my family now passed is incredible. Knowing that they have my Sharon in their embrace and they are watching over me helps me. I am patiently waiting for your Tour in England, so that l can book to see you again. Many thanks and blessings Paula ❤❤❤❤

 by Maggie Watson

Thank you so much for my reading Paula.You are a beautiful soul with an amazing gift.I so needed to hear what you told me today.Thank you for your words of wisdom also.Love,light and Peace.

 by Louise

Saw Paula in Edinburgh last night. Absolutely blown away with how exact her details were. There was fun, laughter, sadness & tears and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. My friend got a message so we came away happy. It was amazing to sit in the room and just listen and be blown away with her ‘talent’ I’d definitely go back and maybe even pluck up the courage to have a private reading. Thank you for a wonderful night. Ps. I done the same as yih throughput lockdown 🤣

 by lorraine daniels

Thank you so much for giving myself some closure and peace of mind about my Aunt Lynn's passing. I would very much have loved to say good-bye to her and go to her funeral but family circumstances were not right.
Although I said I didn't like myself I meant I never feel good enough for anyone and it always surprised and still surprises me when people accept me, or are friends with me.
I found the night enlightening , sad, humerous and honestly refreshing.
You are a lovely lady and I hope I get the chance to meet you again
Thank you
As you did with me I send you love and good wishes

 by Kimberly Knight-Font
Angel sent from Heaven

I have no clue where to begin... Paula was sent to me Oct 2008 actually found surprisingly in a little town in Scotland.. I had just gotten off the plane from Florida and all american girl, lost at 34 about to have a beautiful baby boy. Clueless to what was in store in my life, I had a reading with Paula she gave so much light on my life and guidance.. Now it is 2021 ... I lost my dad Oct 2020 and my Husband Jan 2021 and Paula has been my piece of heaven her words her way have given me light in the situation... I am back in the states have been since June 2009. The connection she has given me to my love ones is beyond words. All thought the hurt is there from losing them and the daily emotionally roller coasters are there. I get more peace and she helps me fill my heart with joy to look up to the next day. Paula, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart .. For sharing your amazing gift with me. With Love Always Kim xoxoxox

 by Donna

I had the pleasure of a zoom call with Paula last night . My mum came through and Paula told me things that no one has ever known. I laughed and cried but i was left with a peaceful feeling. I rtink now i can start the process of healing myself. Paula was open and very honest and says it to you straight. This was the best reading i have ever had and cant thank Paula enough. Highly recommended ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

 by Linda Winstone

I had a zoom reading with Paula today which went better than I could have hoped for. Paula gave me the lift that needed. Her validations were spot on. Thank you one very happy customer x

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