If like lots of us out there, you need help and assistance with a major change in your life. Below is a list of charities and organisations that are out there helping people over difficult times every day and helping them understand why they feel like they do.

Counselling Directory
A full directory that allows your to search and find a professional counsellor or psychotherapist near you.

Bereavement Advice Centre
If you have lost someone and need help, advice or just someone to talk to then give them a call.
www.bereavementadvice.org – Call: 0800 634 9494

Cruse Bereavement Care
Supporting you after the death of someone close.

Depression Alliance
Don’t battle depression alone. Join Depression Alliance, Friends in Need Community.

Support over the phone, email, visit one of their branches or write to them. To speak with someone confidentially.

Therapy Directory
Providing you with a quick and easy way to search and find a therapist near you.

For help with children or young people who are expected to have short lives.

Help the Hospices
For information and support for hospices around the UK.

The Child Bereavement Trust
Helping families over the death of a young child.

The Child Death Helpline
Supporting you through the loss and death of a child.
0800 282 986 | 0808 800 6019

The Compassionate Friends

Helping support bereaved family members who have suffered the death of a child.


  1. There is a support group called SOBS, which is Survivors of berevement by Suicide. They meet once a month in Edinburgh and Kirkcaldy. I found it very helpful. Details can be found on their website. Please ask Paula if she would consider putting this up on her page as I have just finished listening to her chat on National prevention Suicide and feel a lot of people do not know that help on this topic is at hand. People that attend these meetings know what it is like to grief for a loved one through suicide and we can get support from others in this group. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    • Hi Lesley,

      Thank you very much for this message. We will definitely look at this and put it on our website. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

      Kind Regards,
      Team POB

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