Covid 19 info


As we all navigate our way through the changing circumstances we wanted to let you know we are doing everything we can to adhere to Government advice and keep everyone as safe as we can in terms of rescheduling any events that have been affected by Covid-19. 

Our Covid19 Response

As it stands we are being entirely guided by the Scottish and English Government guidelines when  rescheduling postponed events. We are reliant on hotels and venues reopening with social distancing measures in place, whilst some of the hotels that host our events have reopened with strict social distancing measures in place, we still await family run and smaller companies’ response.  We are aware that with social distance measures in place our events would simply not have the same ambience that they are currently known for, and are looking at rescheduling all events when we are able to bring such an atmosphere to venues that you are accustomed to at our events. 


As the Scottish Route Map (link attached below) has not yet given any clear indication of time restraints, we like so many other small businesses are unable to move forward with any rescheduling.   


As it stands at the moment it is unlikely that any of Paula’s touring will take place until 2021. Any tickets that have been purchased for shows in 2020 that have been postponed will be valid for any of Paula’s Zoom events or alternatively the rescheduled event when we announce the new date. 


We understand that this can be rather frustrating, however we are as keen as you are to get back to touring and ask for your patience during these trying times, and as soon as guidelines allow us to, we will liaison with all our venues in order to take the appropriate safety measures given to bring Paula back on stage.


The following will be subject to further public health advice:


Live events (outdoors) – with physical distancing and restricted numbers.

Live events (indoors) – with physical distancing and restricted numbers.

Indoor gyms – with physical distancing.

Other personal retail services – with enhanced hygiene measures.

Other indoor entertainment venues (e.g. nightclubs, bingo, theatres, music venues).