Zoom Event Info

During these unprecedented times Paula’s Zoom events are becoming more and more popular as the new way to attend her events. In some respects it means that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the event even more from your own home! 

What To Expect

Respectful Room

During the Zoom we will keep everyone muted, very similar to a show, if someone is getting a message from Paula we wouldn’t want others in the audience to be talking over them. It helps everyone to relax knowing that if there is any background noise in their house it won’t disrupt the session.

Strong Broadband Signal

In order to get the most from your Zoom session, it is vital that you have a stable internet connection. This not only ensures you can hear and see Paula throughout the whole session but also ensures that if you are speaking to Paula and receiving a message, she will be able to see and hear you.

In Zoom Support

We have ways in which you can get our attention if you believe that the message Paula is giving is for you, the easiest way to let us know is to wave at us, give us a physical wave, something that cannot be missed so our attention is drawn to you and we can alert Paula.

2 Person Per Ticket

If you have purchased 1 ticket for the event, we would like to see just 2 people on your screen at all times, even if Paula comes to you with a message this helps direct the messages efficiently

Multiple Viewing Choices

The optimum way for you as a viewer to watch the Zoom would be having Paula’s box as your main screen, depending on which device you are using you can swipe left and right to choose your view, or click between different views on a laptop.

Full Help To Register

Below is our step by step guide to help you register for the events.

Steps To Registration

So, what can you expect from a Zoom event with Paula? More often than not Paula’s Zoom’s have a theme, currently we’re half way through a 7 Episode Series, featuring topics such as Angel & Oracle Cards, Heaven Explained and Banishing Negativity! 


Teamed alongside Paula’s communication with spirit, the session is jam packed with emotion, laughter and fun. 


 We are only too aware that ‘virtually’ attending an event can be daunting especially if you’re not familiar with using technology. So here’s a few helpful tips to get your started and ready for your first ‘Virtual Event’ 


Here’s the link to download Zoom, it’s completely free and can be used on any device. 




Once you’ve downloaded the app to your device, you sign up for an account. It’s important to sign up for the account using the same email address in which you’re going to purchase your ticket for Paula’s Zoom, that way when we send the invite and you click on it, it will automatically take you across to Zoom. 


We ask that you come into the Zoom Room for 7:45pm prior to the event starting at 8pm, this will give us enough time to sort out any technical problems to ensure the evening runs smoothly.

Upon booking you will have received an email confirmation which contains the link that will give you access into the private Zoom meeting room where the event will take place. 


Upon clicking on the link in the email, you will be taken to the Zoom Meeting Registration page. 


Once you have completed the registration and pressed ‘register’ another screen will load and at the bottom will be a link under the heading of ‘join the meeting’. After clicking on this you will now be in a waiting room and will see this message on your screen :


“Please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon.”

We will be notified of your registration and will be able to let you in to the event from the waiting room in groups. Don’t worry if you’re in the waiting room for some time, we will have let everyone in before 8pm, we just like to stagger it so we can make sure everything runs properly

Some of Paula's zoom Reviews

You are in your own environment which I think makes you more comfortable! Even if you don't get a reading I always get comfort from hearing everyone else’s. Thank you for my reading! You are truly talented and I'm forever grateful!
Laura Paton
Every time I see Paula she amazes me more and more with her talent, humour and ability to make you feel at ease. Her recent Zoom shows in the light of COVID-19 have been just as excellent as her live shows, and provide a great opportunity to hear her interact with a small and intimate group.
Carla Home
Live on zoom, Paula brought my mum & dad through. Dad gave me a lovely message of hope & a message for my brother, Paula said they dressed up, as they would if they were here with us today…