Paula O’Brien Private Zoom Readings Tuesday 9th August 2022

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Zoom Readings Tuesday 9th August 2022

Please note times are based on British Standard Time.

Paula is delighted to continue to offer her amazing 121 Zoom sessions.

These are brought to you by Paula in the exact same way it would be as if it were face to face . The connection is just as strong and in some cases more so , as you may very well be at home during one of these sessions and your loved one will know that space!

During some of the most amazing readings via zoom , Paula has been able to validate so much from the other side, often pointing out something that is out of camera reach, but something so special that only your loved one in heaven would know!

They are relaxed and informal but incredibly empowering and comforting.  Paula’s amazing gift literally comes to life when she connects to your ‘Someone Special ‘ And the messages just flow ….often followed by the tears.

During one of these sessions we allow you to invite one additional guest to attend with you either on the same device or at their own location using the Zoom link.

Your session CAN be recorded although we ask that you do not share these recordings on any social media or allow anyone else to either.



Because these readings are so incredibly special we do ask that you respect the process and ensure the following guidelines are followed :

– Please make sure you are familiar with how the Zoom appointment will work, have Zoom downloaded on to you device and ready to go!
– Before the session ensure that your device is fully charged and the signal is good. (Paula will not be held responsible if the signal does not allow the reading to take place in a manner that flows.)

– Paula also asks that there are no children around or any noise that may interrupt the flow of the session.

Most importantly, relax and enjoy your session!


This is your special moment and it’s important that the setting is perfect for you & your loved one in heaven.

After booking the appointment and receiving your order confirmation one of our team will email you with and a unique Zoom Invite for the specific time slot of your appointment.

We must stress that for the best possible results make sure you are in a quiet environment during your reading and ensure that when using Zoom you have tested to ensure both your microphone and camera are enabled. 

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