Private Readings Glenrothes 13th of February 2025



Face to Face Private Readings

13th of February 2025

The Balbirnie House Hotel, Glenrothes


We are delighted once again to be able to offer some Face to Face Private Readings! These are without doubt Paula’s favourite way of being able to intimately reunite you with your loved ones during a very special session.

You are permitted to bring 2 additional guests into your appointment, we do advise that these guests be members of the same family/looking to connect with the same loved ones.

During some of these Private Readings, Paula has been able to validate so much from the other side and information that is so significant but something so special that only your loved one in heaven would know.

They are relaxed and informal but incredibly empowering and comforting.  Paula’s amazing gift literally comes to life when she connects to your ‘Someone Special ‘ And the messages just flow ….often followed by the tears.

You are permitted to bring along 2 guests to your appointment however we must stress that for the reading to flow, it is vital that the guests you bring are family members/ those that you share a loved one in heaven with.

Look forward to it and can’t wait to see you!


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